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Jobs post covid19 abroad

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Post covid 19 jobs to look for:

World has grown leaps and bound after any global crisis be it the great depression or great recession of 2008. We need to focus on the brighter side and look for the opportunities which helps us grow in our individual career. 

Once this pandemic is over, there will be a new world all together, which is more open and connected but virtually. People will have a different view all together how they are going to perform business activities in the future. 

For E.g. a lot of startups, these days are trying to focus on problems which are critical and which would take the humanity further in terms of living the life in much organised and safer ways. 

Top jobs for future post 2020 which will be available are:

Artificial intelligence: When we find a pattern, its easy (that’s what they say) to predict the future outcomes of the series of event based on the past experience. With the growing number of data in the world, we would need assistance with sorting it out and creating meaningful outcome, that’s where artificial intelligence would come into picture. This will help solve many problems in almost every industry from finance, marketing, medical, sports, manufacturing etc.

Data Analytics

Business Analytics

Game Designing

Augmented reality

Virtual Reality

Machine Learning: Machines played a very important role in industrial revolution, same revolutions is about to begin in this post covid 19 era where machines will train itself based on the past data and future desired outcomes it is planning to achieve the targets. Machines are meant to reduce human efforts and make life easy for the human beings, that’s what is being trying to achieve through machine learning. 

International Business and Law: Globalisation is the key for more connected and advancement of the society of any country. International trade plays an important role in it. International roles include knowing the rules and regulations of the country we are going to trade in and how to make the business success there with the available resources. 

Supply Chain Management : Taking businesses online or cross boarder need the efficiency of supply of raw material, finished goods and services. Logistics plays a very important role in the success of any business. Supply chain management provide the tools to efficiently manage the logistics of any supply chain. Procure, Store, Supply, and deliver are the important stages of any business. 


Digital Content Management: Thinking of taking business online require a marketing strategy which enable the growth path of the company. As many people know about your goods and services the more the chances you have to grow your business. Digital content comes in many forms tases days like, photos, blogs, videos, podcasts etc.

We need to efficiently manage the content so that we can tap the customers and grow our business. 

Product managers: understanding your customers and developing a product which serves them in best possible manner is the need of the hour. Technology companies are looking for the talent or resources which understand their customers and have the capacity and capabilities to develop a product which can solve the problems of the present and of the futures. 

Psychology: Human behaviour is something which is predictable at individual level but when we are talking about it at a economical level there are many complications. Human psychology has a very important role to play in order to enhance the future of the current and future generation. We need to develop products which falls perfect in the align to the human behaviour. Marketing, Industrial, Clinical etc are few of the branches of psychology which are quite useful and lucrative. 

Tourism: This might be the worst time to think about travelling but once vaccine is out it will be hard for people to control. Domestic tourism is something which is under explored and we need more companies where tourism can be organised in much better ways and that’s the opportunity for the future entrepreneurs. 

Looking at the possibilities of the future, these are few of the hot jobs which will be at the highest demand post covid era. 

If you are looking forward to study any of these courses in Canada, New Zealand or Australia, please get in touch so that we can recommend you the best suitable course and university. 

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