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Learning was never confined within the four rooms of a classroom nor it should be. The pedagogy right from our Vedic period suggests the same. So why should 21st-century learning be quite conventional? The purpose of education is to fundamentally prepare the students for life beyond schools and educational institutions. Especially, today when society poses a higher demand for self-awareness and more specialized skills.


Online Education is one of the recent and successful provisions that help to fulfill it. It can be said that e-learning tends to revolutionize education as it provides new opportunities for traditional learning. It offers the chance to have great results for lower costs and sometimes for no costs at all. Being student-centered - the online/distance education places responsibility for learning with the student who tends to be more active and self-directed, facilitating greater learner-instructor interaction.


Learning online primarily helps to eliminate borders and barriers, both social and physical. Information resources though are everywhere, but most often separated from the learner by time and space. Online Education defines the process of transgressing this space-time curve and connecting learners with remote resources. It states an increase in access to education for those who otherwise have no other chances because of the labour, family, or financial constraints. It puts education into a democratic space where one can study whatever he or she wants or anything that triggers their curiosity by giving them access to world resources and experts through an Internet connection. 


Online learning has been a great solution to the challenges that these people face as they are provided with high-quality education and at their own place and time. Speaking of comfort, online courses help to avoid long classes and uncomfortable classrooms by providing a greater elasticity to schedule their location of study and also their respective syllabi. Further, one can save time and cut the cost of commuting from home to the campus.


The current fight against the Covid-19 is something that concerns us all. Globally, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. It is precisely e-learning that has turned out to be the savior of students worldwide. The online environment has offered unprecedented opportunities for students and a new paradigm for educators in which dynamic courses of the highest quality can be developed.









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