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4 Mistakes to Avoid in PTE Academic

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Dream of scoring 79+ in PTE. Following are useful test tips, that will make you confident in your upcoming PTE official test and will leave you to spell bounded with scorecards

- Speaking Mistakes : Scoring 90 in Speaking made easy!

A lot of test takers believe that to score 90 marks in PTE Speaking, the right information and content are necessary! You will be amazed to know that it is NOT so! The content in questions such as Describe Image (DI) and Retell lecture (RL) is important BUT the 90 scores are achieved just be being 100% fluent in your Speaking Module, also known as Oral Fluency. You do not need to worry about scoring 90 in speaking as long as your answer is very fluent. You also do not need to worry on the pronunciation part. Both content and pronunciation are less important than FLUENCY. Oral Fluency is the main judging criterion for marking you in PTE test. Another thing to note here is that the scores for content in Retell Lecture (RL) go to the Listening section. That is why, very smartly with the help of this tip, you will be able to score 90 in Speaking and we will talk about scoring 90 in Listening, later in this section.

- Writing Mistakes :  Scoring 90 in Writing made easy!

Writing is another main concern for many test takers. Think about the green and red lines you get while you type on a word document. The software of PTE works in a similar fashion while giving you scores in Writing module. It is highly recommended that you should not make any grammar or spelling mistakes in all the writing answers. Each error contributes to a lower score and a flawless answer will contribute to a higher score. Of course! A few mistakes are ignoble as this software is designed for Human Beings. If Writing an essay is a challenge for you then try using a template for the same so that with continuous practice you will start making lesser grammar and spelling errors. This way scoring 90 in writing will become a very easy task or you. Pay very close attention to Write from Dictation (WFD). It is also a very important question to ace in your writing module.

- Reading Mistakes : Scoring 90 in Reading made easy!

Students often believe that MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) are the most important ones, however, you will be amazed to know that MCQs have the lowest marks, so, even if you are able to score 1 correct in each MCQ then also you can score 90 marks in a Reading module. Also, note that MCQ(Multiple Answers) give you negative marks for each incorrect answer, so very smartly you either choose 1 answer or 3 answers so that you do not get any negative scores. Another tricky question is Reorder Paragraphs; here also, if you concentrate on pairs instead of putting the whole conversation in order, you can easily score 90. You should know that you will be awarded scores for pairs, not the whole conversation. So, if you start focusing your attention towards the right strategy, nothing can stop you from scoring 90 in PTE. 

- Listening Mistakes : Scoring 90 in Listening made easy!

Scoring 90 in Listening is quite an easy task. Just make sure that you are taking notes of all the audios that you hear and then try to match those with the options available. Make sure to spend only 1.5 minutes per question otherwise you might not be able to complete your exam because the last question Write From Dictation (WFD) gives you 1 point for 1 correct word, that is why it is essential that you must listen carefully and write down each word, considering that it is the most scoring question of all. Do you sometimes get confused between some words in WFD, here is an easy solution, you can write extra words in WFD as there is no negative marking for the wrong words. For example, if you are confused between “there and there”, then you can write both of the words without getting worried and you will score 1 point for the correct word. 

Remember it is just an ENGLISH test. Do not be worried about it! Avoiding silly mistakes will make it easy to score 90!

Best of Luck!

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