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7 Mistakes to Avoid in IELTS Writing

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7 Mistakes to avoid in IELTS Writing Task 2:

Are you stuck at 6.5 in writing in your IELTS General Exam?

Or taking the IELTS Exam for the first time? These tips are for You!

Well, a lot of test takers like you think that by using the language from the internet or by reading books on HOW to write in IELTS exam, they are able to learn the right techniques, which however is UNTRUE! Let’s take a look at these 7 disasters that YOU do and get low scores. Avoiding these will certainly help you get your desired bands in Writing. 

1.         Idioms

Idioms are a BIG NO in IELTS writing. Expressions such as “Health is wealth”, “hustle-bustle”, “Internet is a buzzword”. In the IELTS test, examiners expect you to be a natural writer rather than using the language predefined by bloggers or writers.

2.         Like

This is the most commonly unused word in the English language. “Like” should be used as a verb, for example, I like eating different types of cookies and chocolates. BUT non-native speakers of English language use this word to give examples. (I know many different brands of clothing, like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and others). Here the use of the word like is informal and should not be used to give examples in IELTS writing.

3.         In a Nutshell 

This expression is used by many students while concluding their essay. This expression must not be used to conclude an answer as it is also the most commonly used expression and should be avoided in IELTS writing and does not convey any natural meaning. You should use “To conclude, In conclusion”

4.         Science and Technology

Another old adage that should be avoided in IELTS writing is “with the advancement in science and technology…” Apparently, this phrase will take you to 6 bands as it is also a widely used term and does not add value to your bands.

5.         At the outset and This Essay Will Give an Assertion on Both Sides

Another most misused term used by test takers in essay writing. Both the expressions are outdated and should be avoided and instead, you should use “on the one hand” and “on the other hand”. 

6.         Slang

Do not use slang while writing your answers. It is expected from you to use synonyms and do the paraphrasing (Check definition on Google) but using the wrong synonyms can take your band scores down. You ought not to use kids for “children” and other words namely, pissed off, put up, etc 

7.         Word count

The instruction says “Write at least 150 words (Task 1) and 250 words (Task 2). It means that you will be penalized if your word limit is lower but there is no upper limit, your answers can go up to anything more than 150 words and 250 words and you will not be penalized for that.

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