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Part time Work Rights With Minimum Wage Abroad For International Student 2020

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Description  of International Student Minimum Wage

3 Top countries to Study and Work Abroad.

In this millennial age, we are advanced enough to take full responsibility for our future. As an International student, Studying abroad gives us the benefit of working parttime while we study abroad.

Every country has different norms for work rights. Most of the countries offer part-time work rights for international students to support their education while they study in their countries.

It is a very effective and influential factor that makes studying abroad cost-efficient. It also helps you be self-dependent and more organized.

Part-time jobs shed off a lot of pressure on maintaining the living expenses while you study abroad. Part-time studies are good for exposure and help in your learning curve of life.

You can implement the skills and techniques while you work part-time during your studies.

Now there must be few basic burning questions you might have like:

  • How many hours I can work while I study abroad?
  • How Long my Post work Visa will be?
  • How much am I eligible to earn part-time?

These are 3 basic questions that need to be answered in order to help you understand the matrix of a part-time job and post-study work visa rights.

Minimum Wage Country Wise with Work Rights:


Work Rights: 20 hours per week

Post Study Work Visa in Canada: 1 year after 1 year of Study in Canada

3 Years after 2 years of Study in Canada

Minimum Wage in Canada 2020 as per different province:



  British Columbia




  New Brunswick


  Newfoundland & Labrador


  Northwest Territories


  Nova Scotia






  Prince Edward Island









Work Rights: 40 Hours per Fortnight

Post Study Work Visa:

  • 2 years  study + 2 years work visa ( Sydney/Melbourne)
  • 2 Year study + 3 or 4 Years work visa at regional Campus
  • Minimum Wage in Australia 2020:  $19.49 / Hour

New Zealand

Work Rights: 20 Hours per Week

Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand


  • Bachelors Degree (Level 7) (3 Years) + 3 Years Post Study Work Visa
  • Graduate Diploma (Level 7) or Higher + 1 Year Post Study Work Visa
  • 2 Years if Professional Registration Required

Outside Auckland

  • Bachelors Degree (Level 7) (3 Years) + 3 Years Post Study Work visa
  • Graduate Diploma (Level 7) or Higher + 2 Year Post Study Work Visa
  • Masters, regardless of Location you will get 3 years post-study work visa

This information is quite crucial if you are planning to study abroad.

If you have any queries regarding planning your study abroad. You can contact us.

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