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Synonyms to use in IELTS with Usage

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Synonyms to use in IELTS with Usage

When speaking and writing in IELTS, we tends to miss out on vocabulary, We fall short of words. In order to tackle this problem we have created a list of effective vocabulary which can be used to make your answer effective and presentable. 


1) Abandon: discard, vacate

(That house was abandoned years ago.)

2) Accord: agree, grant

(And as usual nothing happened in accord with the disposition)

3) Adversity: difficulty, misfortune

(There is Adversity in a world that is not fair.)

4) Affluent: plentiful, rich

(My friend she come from a affluent family)

5)Aggravate: annoy, infuriate

(They're afraid that we might aggravate an already bad situation.)

6)Alleviate: lighten, mitigate

(He put on his sunglasses, which did little to alleviate the headache sunlight gave him.)

7)Amazing: fabulous, wonderful

(Her grandmother was really an amazing woman.)

8)Anguish: distress, sorrow

(A look of anguish crossed Jonny's face.)

9)Answer: respond, reply

(He put her answer down in his note book)

10)Apathetic: dispirited, lifeless

(They are a light-hearted, apathetic people, little given to quarrelling or to the commission of violent crime.)

11) Astonish: confound , overwhelm

( The garden's beauty filled me with astonishment.)

12) Atrocious: appalling, detestable

  (The story of their struggle and the way they lived in complete squalor was atrocious and horrible to hear)

13) Augment: add, enlarge 

(The plan is to augment what we're doing and not replace it.)

14) Avoid: ignore, shun 

(He tried hard to avoid accidents.)

15) Banal: common, plain 

(He doesn't like English poetry, he finds it very banal.)

16) Barren: desolate, sterile 

(The site of the town is a barren, rocky mountain valley.)

17) Bias:inclination, predisposition 

(His natural bias was to respect things as they were.)

18) Big: enormous, immense, great

( That would be a big help.)

19) Brief: concise, short

( His expression revealed surprise for a brief moment, and then his eyes flashed with anger.)

20) Candid:honest, truthful  

(The owner was candid about the things that went wrong as well as the successes.)

21) Casual: informal, natural

( He made a casual remark about her shoes.)

22) Category: classification, division 

(She competed for the award in her age category.)

23) Certain:sure, positive, definite 

(I'm certain he doesn't realize it, but he does put himself first.)

24) Certainly: assuredly, definitely 

(Certainly she had been under a lot of stress.)

25) Chaotic: disordered, messy 

(The administration of finance was as chaotic as the condition of parliament.)

26) Cherish:esteem, love 

(I will always cherish that memory.)

27) Compensate: balance, recompense 

(His enthusiasm compensates for his lack of skill.)

28) Competent: able, capable 

(His capabilities as a soldier have been generally recognized by competent authorities.)

29) Complete: finish, accomplish 

(It's a nice house, a keen house, complete with a front porch and swing. )

30) Conceive: design , plan 

(It is said that he contemplated the conquest of India and that he was the first to conceive the idea of the Suez Canal.)

31) Contradict: deny, oppose 

(My sister doesn't like being contradicted.)

32) Courteous:polite, well-mannered 

(The courteous ideal of French chivalry, with its delectable language, was adopted by all seigniorial Europe, which thus became animated, as it were, by the life-blood of France.) 

33) Credulous:naÔve, gullible

Credulous people can often be easy targets for scams.

34) Dense: filled, packed 

(The dawn brought cool air and dense fog.)

35) Bitter: sour 

(The medicine had a bitter aftertaste.)

36) Detain: hold, keep 

(They were detained by the police for questioning.)

37) Disclose: announce, reveal 

(He refused to disclose the source of his information.)

38) Dogma: belief, view 

(In place of dogma, the elements of religion were alone to be taught.)

39) Durable: constant, lasting 

(The most durable of fences are those formed of small oaks, split lengthwise by the wedge into thin boards.)

40) Dwindle: abate, diminish

( Our energy dwindled as the meeting dragged on. )

41) Elaborate: embellish, enhance 

(I see now that her behavior was all part of an elaborate plan.)

42) Eminent:distinguished, prominent 

(It has an old town hall, a theatre and several statues of eminent men.)

43) Endure: last, persist , undergo, suffer

(He learned to endure hunger and cold.)

44) Essential: basic, necessary 

(As a fighter pilot, he knows that good vision is essential.)

45) Evaluate: appraise, judge  

(He stopped to evaluate the gilded ornaments.)

46) Paramount: chief,leading

 (Health and safety are absolutely paramount in this area to protect cast, crew and yourself.)

47) Passive: inactive, lethargic 

(He took in her features with passive curiosity.)

48) Pause: break, cease 

(There was a brief pause in the conversation.)

49) Perpetuate: endure, preserve 

(Nations are possessed with an insane ambition to perpetuate the memory of themselves by the amount of hammered stone they leave.)

50) Radical: basic, fundamental 

(Since 1870 there have been five radical changes made in New South Wales.)

51) Exact: accurate, precise 

(Those were his exact words.)

52) Exhaust: deplete, empty 

(If they keep spending this way, they'll exhaust their savings.)

53) Explicit: definite, specific 

(I can see right now that I'm going to have to be more explicit when I talk to you.)

54) Feel: sense, experience 

(I could feel the warmth of the sun.)

55) Fervor: intensity, passion 

(These animals will love and hate with equal fervor.)

56) Follow: succeed, ensure 

(I'll follow you back to the house.)

57) Generous: benevolent, unselfish 

(He was generous with both his time and his money.)

58) Genuine: actual, real 

(Were his comments genuine, or simply a way to get her to like him?) 

59) Habitual: accustomed, regular 

(He was fired for his habitual lateness.)

60) Honest: fair, sincere, trustworthy 

(She is admired for her kindness and her honesty.)

61) Hygiene: cleanliness, sanitation 

(Brushing your teeth regularly is an important part of good dental hygiene.)

62) Illustrious: eminent, famous 

(The family was illustrious and wealthy, and claimed descent from Constantine.) 

63) Immense: huge, mammoth 

(She is an artist of immense talent.)

64) Inadvertent: accidental, unintentional 

(You can take the following steps to make sure that you don't fall pray to an inadvertent problem.)

65) Describe: narrate, recite, relate 

Important: vital, indispensable

Omit: exclude,  remove

Marginal: borderline, limited

Mention: allude to, refer to

Necessary: mandatory, requisite

Obvious: conspicuous, definite

Indifferent: apathetic, disinterested

Intelligent: bright, brilliant, sharp

Interesting: appealing, attractive

Introvert: shy, quiet, withdrawn


Juvenile: adolescent, immature

Liberal: broad, generous, tolerant

Limitation: boundary, constraint

Make: create, invent, form, construct

Opportune: advantageous, auspicious, favourable

Reconcile: atone, conciliate

Reliable: dependable, trustworthy

Rich: affluent, well-off, well-to-do

Significant: distinctive, important

Strong: tough, solid, powerful, forceful

Tendency: inclination, trend

Valid: authorised, legitimate

Variety: assortment, diversity

Handicap: special needs, disability, disadvantage

Important: indispensable,vital, essential

Hardworking: diligent, industrious, enterprising

Unhappy: sad, depressed, melancholy, miserable

Wrong/false: erroneous, fake, fraudulent,inaccurate, incorrect

Get: acquire,obtain,secure, gain, fetch, procure

Explain: elucidate, expound,explicate,elaborate,clarify,illustrate

Keep:retain,with hold,reserve, preserve,sustain

Good: agreeable, attractive, beneficial

Great: distinguished, superior,grand, renowned

Little: small, diminutive,miniature,slight, limited

Decide: determine, settle, conclude, resolve

Difference: dissimilarity, unlikeness, incompatibility, divergence,variation.



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