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Top Student visa interview questions for New Zealand

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Top Student visa interview questions for New Zealand

When applying to study in New Zealand one of the major hurdle is to clear the student visa interview. 

So in order to help you out we have drilled down the basic and elaborated question bank which visa officer might ask you during interview. 

Following is the list of might asked question in student visa interview for New Zealand:

We are going to discuss a case where a student has applied for Graduate diploma in applied management (Sales and Marketing).

Q. Agent Name and Contact:

VAC Global Education: Head office Noida Sector 15 

Branch Office: Patel Nagar Delhi


Q. Name of the institute you are going for studying in new Zealand?

Wellington institute of technology (Weltech)- HV4509 Graduate diploma in applied management (Level-7) Strands in sales and marketing 

Q. What is the Start date of your course?

Starting-15 July 2019 to 26 June 2020 (9 nov 2019 to 1st march 2020 vacation)

Q. What Subjects are you going to study in Applied Management?

Subject:- 1st Sem

Sales & Marketing (Consumer behavior, Market development & sales, marketing planning & control) Industry project

Subject:- 2nd  Sem  sales &marketing (international marketing , strategic marketing)

Q. What jobs are you expecting after you finish your study?

Jobs- hays recruiting expert, modern facility services, Madison GBL, KELLY SERVICES

Q. What is applied management or Since you have decided to study Applied Management then what do you understand by applied management?:-

Examining the current working pattern in a company, identifying the issues & problem and putting or giving strategies to improve that process 

Q. How is course related to your study & experience?

The course is not related to my previous qualification but my experience is in to corporate management. I have been working with corporate organization from last 6-7 years. Where I have worked in various vertical of facility management, my profile is into dealing with venders, client, internal & external customer of corporate organizations and lot of time I have to talk about the company where I am working and gives deal to vendor, negotiate terms & deals which comes in sales and marketing. Currently I don’t have professional qualification although I have bachelor qualification and I have got experience but in order to move up the ladder of corporate management as supervisor, team lead, manager or head of department. I need professional qualification with specialization that is why I have chosen this course which has specialization in marketing and sales. Because I feel I am a very extrovert person, I like to mingle with people, I like to make new friends, I believe I will be good at convincing people, moreover pay skill is also good with incentives if I do this course specialization in sales and marketing, I shall be able to sharpen my sales & marketing skills and get promoted in my future organizations. We always have career choices for something better.

Q. You are from customer service industry, why are you applying for sales & marketing /how they are related/how did you develop interest in sales & marketing?

Customer service & sales marketing they go hand in hand. They are different name of one thing only because in every sales & marketing job customer service plays an important role. So customer service is a part of sales and marketing unless or until you are proving good customer service to the client, sale will not happen; also customer service happen pre sales also and post sales also. So before selling the product, you have to behave well with the customer, know the product, explain the product in a polite & courteous way with good customer skill, so that you are able to make the sale, once you have sale the product, you have to provide the post sales services, Which I have been doing. We have been introducing things to the client and taking feedback from the client after implementation. This is how my interest in sales & marketing is related to customer service. There is no such specialization of course in customer service. There is no such course called graduate diploma applied in customer service, they have specialization in account, finance, supply chain, sales and marketing. There is no course in customer service because it is part of all these aspects which I talked about, moreover sales & marketing u have paid very well in terms on incentive & all.   

Q. What are your futures plans after you complete your study in New Zealand?

My first priority is to complete my course, once I complete my course, I will have what I want that is an international professional qualification once I have professional qualification, I feel that without an international experience, international professional qualification is no use, so I would like to work in some corporate organization probably in sales and marketing department and gain some experience by working legally because I will be getting graduate work permit after the course and with some experience I will probably get promoted also and continue working.

So my plan is to complete my qualification with some years international work experience.

Q. What will you do if you don’t get job after the course?

I have 6-7 experience in India, I know how corporate organization works, once I complete this course, I believe that with my previous experience & professional qualification and open work permit , I think I will be able to get the job. I may fail my initial interview in New Zealand but I will learn from my mistake and I am very positive that I will be able to get the job after the course in sales and marketing

If I get rejected in every interview than I think I am going through very bad luck and if my visa is expiring, I would not be staying unlawfully in new Zealand and I will return to my home country. I am sure with my experience which I have from India already and international professional qualification I can do something in India as well. But I am very positive that I will be able to make it in New Zealand.

Q. What is benefit of this course?

There are two types of benefits which I will get one is qualification related benefit (where I will get international qualification which I don’t have on my resume) and other the course related benefits(How  effectively I will be able to sale the products, what strategy I can apply to market a product which is going to launch. I am going for international education & experience. Understand international influences on business practice

Q. Why have you chosen to Study in New Zealand?

There are various reasons for choosing this country, number one I wanted an overseas qualification and I was looking out for country where I can study. New Zealand seems to have been best option, because it a popular destination among international students especially Indian students along with Canada & Australia. I have chosen New Zealand I heard and research its very safe country and climatic condition is very favorable. Because of the low population in New Zealand, opportunity from job prospective will be more and I may have chance to get a job quickly because after the course I will be getting open work visa. 

The best part about New Zealand that there is no risk in terms of financial aspects because I will have to pay my tuition fee& living cost after my visa approval. Mostly country like Canada & Australia one has to pay the fee before the visa application and incase if someone change the plan to go or some family emergency or visa rejection. The money which comes back to the person from university & college, one will get huge loss of money also. In New Zealand case it’s not there.

New Zealand cities generally rank highly on international livability measures. For instance, in 2016 Auckland was ranked the world's third most liveable city and Wellington the twelfth by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

Q. What are your plans regarding the PR in New Zealand?

It’s too early to say that I want to apply to PR because I have not even seen the country, I have not even know the people and about the standard of living. I don’t know anything about New Zealand apart from that they have very good education system, it’s a peaceful country and it is a crime free country. Ut without been there I can’t say that I want PR. My primary goal is to complete my education with some year of experience. Maybe in future my parent’s wants me come back & settle in India. So I have no idea about the future circumstances. But right now PR is not in my mind. My current planning is to complete my education and add value to my resume.

Quick Facts About New Zealand

* Prime Minister Jecinda 

* Wellington located in south-western tip of the North Island

* The Wellington urban area () is administered by four local authorities

* Wellington, lower & upper hut, Porirua

* WelTec and Whitireia are strategic partners delivering more choice to students

* WelTec was formed in 2001 when two old educational institutions in New Zealand, Central Institute of Technology (Established in 1960) and the Hutt Valley Polytechnic     (Established in 1904), decided to join hands and form a single institution.

* It is 2nd oldest college in wellington and government run polytechnic college. They have more than 8 thousand students who are studying at Weltec. They have     partnership with various organizations wherein they are providing help in getting students into work force of New Zealand employer. And its approved by NZQA.

Other institute having same course Southern institute of technology, EIT,NMIT,ARA institute.


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