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English Grammar For IELTS: Some Common Mistakes With Solutions

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You all must be of aware of the role of English grammar for IELTS, as it is the most important weapon to win this war. 

Innumerable aspirants like you bank on IELTS grammar practice to have excellent command over English writing rules, speaking capability, and so on. 

But, they tend to commit some common mistakes, which not only lowers their confidence but also makes impossible for them to crack IELTS.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of some common English grammar writing mistakes with solutions to give your confidence a boost and an overview of IELTS. 

What is IELTS?

IELTS acronym stands for the International English Language Testing System, which is a test to evaluate someone's proficiency in the English language for global migration and higher education. 

You can have an idea of its importance with the fact that over 10,000 organisations across the world bank on it. in layman terms, if you take and pass the exam, then you will be considered eligible for higher education and global education by highly-reputed educational institutions, employers, professional bodies, and governments all over the world. 

The government of English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK utilize IELTS for the immigration application process. 

World-famous language assessment experts have developed this test to check the eligibility of an immigration aspirant. There are four factors on which someone's proficiency in English is assessed. These four factors are given below: 

  • Reading: This section evaluates an aspirant's reading capability. if they can read each word of the language with appropriate pronunciation, then they pass this section.

Here, they are told to read texts written in English so that their pronunciation can be checked. 

  • Writing: this part of the test checks someone's command over English writing rules. 

Here, candidates are told to write on a subject so that their grammar for IELTS can be assessed. 

  • Listening: This section checks how well you can understand English if you hear a native speaker speaking this language. 

Understanding English spoken by your country people is a walk in the park, but understanding English spoken with a different accent means that you can get by among native English speakers. 

Here, candidates are given an audiotape to check how well they can understand the foreigner's English language.

  • Speaking: the purpose of this section is to check whether your English speaking is understandable or not.

Here, candidates are asked to answer the questions asked by evaluators to check how well they pronounce English words, they have clarity and the like. 

There are two types of IELTS: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Both of them are based on your purpose of going to an English-speaking country. 

  • IELTS General Training: this test is to assess proficiency in an everyday context. it is to check that candidates can manage in the workplace and social situations with their English. 

  • IELTS Academic: it is to check that the candidate's English is good enough to help them manage in an academic environment. it involves the aspects of academic language to see how eligible the candidate is for studying or training. 

Having given you a clear idea of IELTS, let's move ahead to make you aware of 5 common grammar mistakes in IELTS: 

1. writing two complete sentences with a comma: 

In English, you can't write two complete sentences together with a comma. you have to use either a semicolon or colon for this purpose. And, don't forget using conjunctions like and, but, for, and the like in such cases. The examples are below: 

  • Incorrect: He lives in Bangalore, his elder brother lives in Pune.
  • correct: He lives in Bangalore, but his elder brother lives in Pune. 

  • Incorrect: Ashu doesn't like to talk to strangers, he easily gets nervous with them.
  • Correct: Ashu doesn't like to talk to strangers: he easily gets nervous with them. 

2. Incorrect use of articles: 

A large number of people commit grammar mistakes in articles. They don't know which article is to be used in a particular situation. Let's have it clear with the examples given below: 

  • Incorrect: USA is the most powerful nation in the world. 
  • correct: The USA is the most powerful nation in the world. 

It is because the countries having words like states, kingdom, republic, and federation with them have the before their name. For instances, the UK, the USA, and the Czech Republic. 

  • Incorrect: he is a boy who gave me 500 rupees last week. 
  • correct: he is the boy who gave me 500 rupees last week. 

If you are talking about a particular person, then you have to use 'the' not 'a'.  

3. Use of indefinite articles in uncountable nouns 

In English, some words are uncountable like information, news, advice, and the like. and, you can't use indefinite articles like a and an in such cases. For example: 

  • Incorrect: she gave me an advice.
  • Correct: she gave me some advice. 

You have to use a piece or some before advice to make it grammatically correct. 

  • Incorrect: Aunty gave me a milk.
  • Correct: Aunty gave me a glass of milk. 

To tell the quantity of something liquid, we must use a glass or bucket before the liquid thing to give an idea of the quantity. 

4. Incorrect use of its and it's 

Candidates tend to be confused between the use of its and it's. The former is the possessive form of it, and the latter is the short form of it is. Let’s have an example to have it clear: 

  • Incorrect: it is it's tail.
  • Correct: it is its tail. 
  • We are using its for it (a cat). 

5. Confusion between using which and who 

We find many candidates confused between the use of which and who. the former is used for things, while the latter is used for humans. let's have an example: 

  • Incorrect: The boy which fell off the tree.
  • Correct: The boy who fell off the tree. 

  • Incorrect: St. Agnes School, who distributed sweets among students.
  • Correct: St. Agnes School, which distributed sweets among students. 

Which is the best coaching centre for IELTS Grammar? 

Having known what IELTS is, and some common mistakes that happen quite often in the IELTS test, you must be looking for the best coaching centre for IELTS grammar practice. 

Your search for the best place where you can practice grammar for IELTS comes to end at VAC Global Education. Now, you must be wondering why to choose VAC Global Education for IELTS coaching. The answer to your question lies in the following lines: 

  • Customized IELTS Study Material: After checking every aspect of a candidate, we advise them to take a particular course to convert their weaknesses into strengths. 
  • Free Demo And Assessment Sessions: To know the problematic points of a candidate, we provide them with a free demo class to assess them with an eagle eye. 
  • Small Batches: To preserve the quality of our teaching and training, we make small batches to invest our 100% in every candidate. 
  • IELTS Mock Test: To check the progress of our candidates on a regular basis, we provide them with a mock IELTS test for their improvement. 
  • Flexible Timings:  Our classes for IELTS start at 7 AM and run till 8 PM in the evening to provide our working professional candidates with some relief. 
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Before booking your IELTS exams, we organize doubt clearing sessions on a weekly basis. Here, our candidates spend their time with the British Council and IDP certified IELTS trainers to remove their doubts related to IELTS preparation. 

Batches As Per Candidates' Convenience: we offer batches for weekends and weekdays for IELTS training as per the convenience of our candidates. 

Assistance To Book Free IELTS Exam Dates: when we find our candidates confident to face IELTS exams, then we provide them with comfortable free IELTS booking assistance. 


In this blog, we told you about IELTS and the common English grammar writing mistakes tend to happen in IELTS exams. 

We also told you about the best institute for IELTS training, VAC Global Education. Here,  candidates are given the assistance to book free IELTS exam dates, batches as per their comfortable time, doubt clearing sessions, free demo and assessment sessions and the like.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your dreams turned into reality with VAC Global Education.  

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