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The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Vocabulary for PTE

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The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Vocabulary for PTE

PTE Vocabulary plays a major role in the PTE exam, yet many students undervalue its importance.

If you want to do well in PTE, you will need to demonstrate that you know a wide range of vocabulary.

You will notice it leads to understand as well as speak better and improve your score in PTE’s Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

This article will give you all the elements you need to find the most productive and least time-consuming method to expand your English Vocabulary, a list of vocabulary used for PTE and some examples of words to replace your current vocabulary.

How To Learn New PTE Vocabulary

Write Down

Take a note pad (and a pen) to write new words down with their meaning, or their translation. Writing down is incredibly powerful in many aspects.

Writing things down enables a higher level of thinking, and therefore, more focused action. Tet from Productive and Free

Repeat A Lot

Learning a new word doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to use it directly in your day to day conversations.

You need to hear a word countless times to use it naturally.

An excellent way to speed up this process is to repeat the new words you wrote down daily, either in the morning or the afternoon.

How To Be More Efficient When Learning New Vocabulary

First, why efficient?

When you study to take an exam, you need to focus your training to reach your best potential in the imparted time. Otherwise, you may work a lot to accomplish very little.

You usually find yourself confronted with two situations to learn new terms:

For a word you heard or read for the first time look for its meaning.

Ask yourself of often you would use it in your native tongue.

Not often? keep it in another note pad, or at the end of the same one. You can always come back to it later.

Often? Try to find it in different sentences to fully grasp its usage. It will help you avoid colloquialism, or to misuse it.

Write down in your pad the word with its translation. Then select a few expressions with this term and note them down, possibly with different colours depending on the importance you give them.

For the vocabulary you overuse

We all have terms we tend to say over and over without really thinking about it. Since you already know you employ it a lot, this word is essential.

Make an effort to notice them when you speak or practice our PTE questions and note them down.

Try to find various synonyms for a word and write them next to it in a column. This is good gymnastic for your mind. You will notice your vocabulary knowledge improve. Also on PTE day, you will find yourself looking for new ways to say something several times; hence you will not have to lose time to make this effort since you already did it during your training.

Next, even if you already know several synonyms, your goal consists in enhancing your vocabulary capacity, so look for new ones over time. The more the merrier!

Last but not least, wonder what the antonyms (i.e. the opposite) of these words are.

Isn’t it a bit going over and beyond?

Not at all, since thanks to the time and brain-teasing you dedicate to this approach, you learn better, remember longer and use appropriately in different situations a word you did not know 10 minutes earlier.

Instead of memorising only one term, you now taught yourself several more in one search. You actually efficiently managed your time!

Websites For Better Vocabulary

- Linguee

- Word Of The Day

- Wiktionary

- Linguee

It is an English Dictionary and Translation Search with 1,000,000,000 example sentences from human translators. You can download Linguee here to expand your vocabulary.

Word Of The Day

Word Of The Day will help you find new word in a topic of your choice. Download Word of the Day here to learn new words.


If you look for some inspiration to investigate new words, wiktionary proposes “frequency lists” , which rank the most recurring vocable in almost every language with English at the top.

Even if you need to study and train rigorously, it is crucial to find an entertaining approach.

It would help to like English in order to embrace it fully. Anyway, we are better at the things we enjoy.

Learn Our List Of Synonyms For A Better Vocabulary

Learning Synonyms words is a basic and very important part of learning For The PTE Test Exam.

- Accurate – correct

- Achieve – accomplish

- Active – energetic

- Adamant – firm

- Add – increase

- Adequate – sufficient

- Aggressive – assertive

- Aid – help

- Always – forever

- Amateur – beginner

- Ambitious – aspiring

- Approve – accept

- Arrive – reach

- Authentic – genuine

- Awful – dreadful, atrocious

- Bashful – shy, timid

- Beautiful – pretty, attractive

- Before – prior, earlier

Academic Collocation List

A collocation list is another tool that you should add to your arsenal. Let me begin by giving you a proper definition of this term.

In corpus linguistics, a collocation is a sequence of words or terms that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance.

-- Wikipedia

This means that some combination of words will be more appropriate than others.

This can clearly increase your vocabulary score because it show the sofware that you have a good knowledge of the English Language.

Some collocation examples

- Heavy rain

- Deep pockets

- Heavy traffic

- Deep trouble


It can take years for some people to broaden their English vocabulary. However, it does not have to be this way.

In this article, you learned a few things:

- why grasping a wide range of vocabulary is essential for the PTE Test

- a methodology to discover and remember new words efficiently

- you have access to various powerful apps and websites to simplify your learning

- you know where to find our synonyms

- you know where to find our collocation list

Start applying what you learn today, and you should be able to improve your score in most sections of the PTE Test. 

Did I miss out on anything? Which other strategies do you use when learning new vocabulary words? Comment in the section below!

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