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Sample Answer IELTS Speaking Part 2 for 8 Bands

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Describe a Museum or Art Gallery That You Have Visited

 8 band answer.

 I have been on many excursions and study tours from my college and at university level as well and the tour I would like to talk about today is the one I visited 2004 when I was a college student. The college notice board one day declared that there would be an educational tour to the central museum and the interested persons are invited to place application form and money to the authority.

I immediately expressed my interest to my father and when I found that my close friends from the college are also going, my father readily agreed to send me there. On the day, I went to the college ground and found that other students and teachers have already gathered there. The bus was scheduled to depart at 7:30 am and we reached the museum around noon. Though couple of my friends have already been top this museum, I never been there before. I was very excited and was over thrilled as this was my first time out with my mates. Moreover, our history teacher was explaining many of the things preserved in the museum. That day I realised how exciting the study tour can be. It not only gives the opportunity to learn but also to enjoy.

Later on, we took our lunch in the museum canteen. Believe you me, they had amazing and mouth watering snacks there and then we returned to our houses later that night and reached by midnight. I’m overwhelmed to share that I learned about the history of our country, some of the old customs and practice we had in our country, several significant evidence of the history and the life and work of famous people of our country.

Actually I enjoyed the tour very much and as a result, I still remember it. This time I learned that there are some other ways of learning things apart from attending classes. The excursion was so interesting to me that I planned to travel extensively in my life at that very day. Im anxiously waiting to visit more such places I the future too. 



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