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In today’s world full of opportunities and possibilities, it is common knowledge that to succeed, you need that extra edge. With cutthroat competition and everyone trying to find a version of ‘success’ of their own, you always need that one bit extra to stand out.

The key to standing out can simply be broken down into three components, which everyone can improve on to have that ‘extra edge’:

-         Your education

-         Your work experience

-         Your specific skill set

In today’s world, one of the strongest determinants of a person’s success is their education. And by education it means, all of its aspects play a vital role. Be it your ‘type’ and field of graduate or post-graduate degree, your academic scores, your college/university of study, and a lot of times, even your city and country of education.

With this in mind, every year thousands of Indian students want to enroll in foreign universities, for quality education, tremendous opportunities and higher standards of living. This blog gives a detailed account of student life in foreign countries.

Student Life in Australia

The island nation of Australia is one of the strongest economies and the best places to live and work. One of the largest countries in the world, Australia is also one of the most beautifully scenic and culturally diverse countries. Every year thousands dream of visiting, living and studying in the Southern country.

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out that life of a student in Australia is one of the best possible. Incredible education structure, limitless opportunities and a great standard of living are just a few reasons why Australia provides a fantastic environment to Study Abroad.


The primary objective of a student going abroad to study usually is (should be) Education. With some of the world’s best universities in the country, the country is one of the most sought after destinations for international students. The group of 8 is a union of eight of the top universities in Australia (and the world), each of which provides the finest education with extensive focus on research. In addition, there is the Australian Technology Network, comprising of top tier universities for engineering and technology studies. There are also several great private Universities in Australia, which are excellent as well.

Campus Life

Students from across the world come to work and study in Australia so you will meet a lot of people from several backgrounds, countries and cultures. All the good Universities and colleges have a fantastic co-curricular sector, with good extra-curricular clubs, art, leisure and exchange programs. You can meet and build contacts with like-minded people from around the globe. Teach your foreigner friends some amazing words in Hindi maybe? (Wink)


A majority of students work part-time alongside their University studies to support their living in the country. The Australian student Visa allows them to work up to 20 hours a week. Students can easily land part-time jobs paying anywhere between $15-18 an hour. Considering the costs of living in Australia can be managed within $200-250 a week, this figure easily supports the complete living costs of the student in Australia. In addition, shifts are flexible and it does not get hectic enough to disrupt the student’s education


Australia is a huge country, be it in area, a number of beautiful destinations or in their following for sports and entertainment. In addition to the country’s tremendous support for their national cricket team, Australia has one of the biggest cricket leagues known as the Big Bash league. The Australians also follow a lot of Rugby, with their national team being one of the best in the world.

Have a weekend to spare? You have countless opportunities to enjoy your heart out in Australia. According to a stat, there are so many beaches in Australia that if you visit a new beach every day, you won’t run out of beaches for decades. Take a ride to the nearest beach to you and you can bet it will most likely be a fantastically beautiful and very well kept beach.

Take a backpacking trip through Australia’s natural treasures and you will be astonished by what you find. Very diverse wildlife will surprise you every day. A lot of days in the countryside you will spot Kangaroos hopping around you.  Australia can be a lot of things to you but boring, it will definitely never be.

Student Life in New Zealand

Located to the South East of Australia is the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. With a thriving economy, an abundance of nature and a culture like no other, New Zealand is definitely a fantastic place to be.
Here’s why you should move to New Zealand!

Strong Economy and Work Opportunities

New Zealand has A strong economy, with the government policies favoring investment and great business sector.
The country ranks 53rd on the list of strongest economies based on GDP growth, which is great considering the small size of the country and its population.
This results in a good standard of living, with good wages as well. The country’s economy is primarily based on international trade and tourism. The country also has great infrastructure, with railways, ports, cities, air travel, etc. all being well developed.

Great Standards of Education

New Zealand gives utmost importance to the standard of education in the country, on every level, is it school, diploma, graduate, postgraduate or doctorate. The curriculum in the institutions is on par with the best of international standards. There are 8 Universities in New Zealand that offer hundreds of programs across subjects and numerous colleges for polytechnic and diploma. These have been designed while keeping the employer needs and career opportunities in demand.

Great Standard of Living

With a strong economy and good infrastructure, a good standard of living comes hand in hand. This is facilitated by the fact that the average income in New Zealand is high compared to the costs of living.
The country has great enthusiasm for sports, especially cricket and Rugby. The New Zealand sports teams have followers across the world and are great performers as well.

Free of Crime and Corruption

You heard that correct. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world to live in, with crime rates being extremely low. There are hardly ever any cases of violence or corruption in politics as well as policing. Pretty cool, huh?

The abundance of Nature and Beautiful Destinations

New Zealand is one of the most in-demand destinations for travel and tourism, with a big chunk of its economy relying on travel and tourism. Beautiful landscapes, natural lakes and what not, coupled with a climate where you can ski in the mountains and fish in the sea, all in the same day! Milford sound, Aoraki (mount cook), Waitomo caves, Fiordland National Park, Abel Tasman National Park, Bay of islands, and the list for a scintillating tourism destination in New Zealand goes on and on!


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