Top 5 Ways To Find Part Time Jobs in New Zealand

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In this blog, we will guide you how you can find a part-time job easily and effectively and fast.

There are different ways of how you can look for jobs. Today we will cover 5 Top Ways how you can find part-time jobs in New Zealand.

So we will begin by asking are you aware of how many hours you are allowed to work while you study abroad?

So let's begin by answering the prerequisites of applying for the job. In order to score the job fast, I would recommend making a spectacular CV.

Include all the qualification, work experience and all the achievements while will make you stand apart from the others. Highlight what differentiate you from the other candidates who have applied for the same job. 

There are few sample CV’s mentioned in the link below which will help you make a good CV. So once we have made a CV which defines your personality then we start with our job search.

Now part-time jobs can be of different types which might require some physical work, office jobs are mostly full time and require longer commitments.

So finding a job relevant to your past qualification or work experience while you are studying will be an advantage.  But for the students who are just a fresher, mentioning your hobbies and any other extracurricular activities will be an advantage.

Make sure you write a cover letter for all particular jobs separately. 

Now let's cover the top 5 ways to find part-time jobs in New Zealand.  While you are watching this video I understand that you know quite well the power of the internet. 

That’s exactly you need to do to start with. Go on to google and hit the search bar with your query, Part-time jobs in New Zealand, you can find about the particular location also, like Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington and So on.

  • 1. Online: Trade me, Seek, Student job Search, Backpackers, Indeed, LinkedIn
  • 2. Physical: Supermarkets, Hop into the store ask for the manager
  • 3. Reference: Ask friends around who are already employed if they have a vacancy in their company. 
  • 4. Join Facebook groups, Punjabi in New Zealand. International Students in New Zealand
  • 5. University or college campus.

So once you have identified the jobs please approach them nicely.  Make sure you are aware of what is expected out of you.

Make sure you turn up presentable and Speak clearly.  Make a great CV. Check out the sample CV below.

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