Visa Requirement and Process

What are the requirements to study in Australia?

Now that you know why you should study, work, and settle in Australia, the question that arises then is HOW?

At VAC, we help you with every single one of those steps to ensure you have a seamless experience of enrolling and studying abroad.

So here is a culmination of everything you require to apply to study in Australia.

The Australian Student Visa

The Visa for studying in Australia is a subclass 500 Visa. With this Visa, one can :

- Enroll in eligible course of study in Australia
- Apply in or outside Australia online
- Stay in Australia for upto 5 years, beginning at enrollment


What you require to study in Australia?

  • Student visa main form

    This is the basic form required for every Visa application

  • Academic documents

    Aspiring student's academic documents ever since Class 10 CBSE or equivalent

  • The IELTS score

    An aspirant needs to clear the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam to study in Australia. For Undergraduate programs, the aspirant needs a score of at least 6 bands overall, with at least 5.5 in each category.

    For Post graduate programs, the aspirant needs a score of at least 6.5 bands overall, with at least 6 in each category. Here at VAC Global Education, we provide you with an excellent training program for IELTS.

  • Extracurricular activities form

    The account of the aspirant’s non academic achievements and records

  • Work experience

    Work experience of the aspirant, if any or if applicable

  • University’s requirements

    The Student should meet the particular university’s requirements, the one they aspire to apply for.

  • Financial documents

    These are required by the Australian Government to grant an aspirant a student visa, wherein they must provide documented proof of their financial prospects, with a minimum amount required to be shown, depending on the tuition fee of the university, the program and the cost of living in the city of the University.

  • ITR

    A detailed history of the Income Tax return filed by the aspirant’s parents needs to be provided

  • Overseas student health cover (OSHC)

    The OSHC is a health insurance that is required for any student to be enrolled in an Australian University.

  • The Statement of Purpose-SOP

    The Statement of Purpose-SOP is an official declaration of the purpose for applying for an Australian Visa.

  • Family details form

    The declaration of the details of the aspirant’s immediate family, including if any of those living in Australia

  • Extended family details form

    The declaration of the details of the aspirant’s extended family (spouse’s family, cousins, close relatives etc.), especially important if anyone is living in Australia

  • Travel history form

    The account of the Aspirant’s history of travel – especially international travel

  • E-medical certificate

    The certificate of fitness provided by a recognized source

  • Confirmation of enrolment

    This is basically the fee receipt or the admission letter by an Australian University.

Why Choose VAC Global Education?


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Let’s say you are a student who is thinking of studying in Australia after class 12th or after graduation. This is when we step in. At VAC Global Education, we are here to help provide you with the most efficient process of admission abroad. We provide you with the most extensive and researched counseling, on the basis of your current education, interests and requirements. We recommend courses, universities in the city of your choice and we also recommend the best city for your career choice.

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This is how the consultants at VAC Global Education can help you get admission in the Australian university of your dreams. Our process is simple and very efficient. You can get more details about us here.