Visa Requirement and Process

What do you require to study in Canada?

Now that you have made your mind about going to Canada to fulfill your dreams, you might be wondering what you require to be prepared. Here is a complete list of requirements for applying to study in Canada.


  • If you are applying for post graduation, you need at least 6-7 GPA for most courses, depending on the College/University and the course being applied to.
  • If you are applying for graduation, you need a minimum score in Class 12 or equivalent.


  • For graduation, you need a minimum overall score of 6 bands in all four domains of IELTS
  • For Post Graduate studies, you need a minimum overall score of 6.5 in IELTS, with at least 6 in each domain.
  • An important point to note, some of the Universities in Canada only accept candidates with graduation degrees spanning 4 years or more, while there are many colleges that accept candidates with graduation degrees spanning 3 years too.
  • ITR – Income tax returns of your parents (sponsors).

Financial requirements

  • SDS Member Colleges

    The GIC is a certificate that you can purchase for $20,000. This certificate covers costs of living for the first year of your stay in Canada. You can pay the amount and get your GIC from Scotiabank or the ICICI Bank.

Formal Documents

  • VISA Form & the VISA Checklist form
  • Family Information form
  • This form is a detailed account of your immediate and extended family, especially those residing in Canada
  • Statement of purpose
  • Pssport (scanning of the original passport and attaching a photocopy of the same as well)
  • Your detailed Medical Examination
  • Health Insurance
  • Work Experience (If applicable)
  • Letters of recommendation from your previous educational institutions and places of work

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